October 21, 2005

DangerMouse + MF Doom = DangerDoom

An article from last month's WIRED magazine featuring the latest from DJ DangerMouse -- a collaboration with MF Doom. The Mouse and the Mask, a kind of looney tunes concept album, is a pretty good follow up to DM's underground mash-up hit The Grey Album. As a fan of "Adult Swim," the samples from Space Ghost, Brak and Co. light up my inner 13-yr-old's heart.

From eMusic:

The long-awaited collaboration between Doom and DJ Danger Mouse (who's most famous for Frankensteining the Beatles' White Album with Jay-Z's Black Album), Mouse meets expectations by not straining to surpass them. It's easy and ebullient and winning, instantly reminiscent of masterpieces like De La Soul's 3 Feet High and Rising and Mr. Hood, the high-concept album Doom made when he was going by the name Zev Love X as a member of KMD. It's like 1990 never ended: Danger Mouse builds his beats from old vinyl, snatching from funk and soul and soundtrack albums with giddy abandon. He loops a wah-wah porn track to create the dank backdrop of "A.T.H.F." and employs a screwy violin hook on the creaky, creepy "Sofa King." Doom sounds more relaxed than he has on any record since Vaudeville Villain, barking "Got riddles and spittles, crystal clear to the jot or the tiddle/ Came to take the cake whether there's a lot or a little" with vigor and authority.
go get it!