May 29, 2007

Ten years gone...

Jeff Buckley would have been 40 today...

Another reason I love NPR:

Ten years ago Tuesday, singer/guitarist Jeff Buckley took an ill-fated swim in a Memphis harbor. At the time, he was a rising star, but in the years since, he's become something of an icon.

The posthumous success of Jeff and Elliott Smith are a testament to indie music culture. Rest in peace, guys.

May 15, 2007

30boxes Buddy Card web badges

30boxes has made a major upgrade to their sharing badges. i'm not sure how i'll use it, but it's nice to know the functionality exists.

for now, i'm including it on my tumblr. we'll see how things progress.

i wish... it was resizeable; the creation of customized views (sharing by tag) was easier; it was a bit more customizable (font folors, faces, etc.). they are really pushing integration with myspace, embedding in blogs, etc. but the dissemination of this info remains a bit ad hoc. people who are very familiar with the app probably have no problems, and know that most settings can (and really should) be set via the "Settings" pages. the options presented in the popups that are linked within the main calendar screen are really only the basics. they are trying to push the functionality out to the most people, but really they should reorganize the Settings -> Sharing page and drive all traffic there.

here's hoping they keep improving! i have yet to be disappointed.

May 14, 2007

listening to bjork on

listening to bjork on

omfg, what a freak!

but, i love her.

May 9, 2007

Which File Extension Are You?

Another quiz (and an OLD one at that), but oh-so-very geeky and fun!

You are a JPG.
Which File Extension are You?

Let's see... "colorful" (like the rainbow!), "forgetful" (definitely!), "truth distorter" (maybe...), "pretty pictures over messy words" (yes, indeed!).

Update (OK, so I'm procrastinating): Apparently, I am also the Amiga OS -- ahead of my time!

You are Amiga OS.
Which OS are You?

why google's still cool
(despite being just a little evil)

i just called my neighborhood tully's from google maps!

Calling Tully's from Google Maps! (1) Calling Tully's from Google Maps! (2)
Calling Tully's from Google Maps! (3) Calling Tully's from Google Maps! (4)
Calling Tully's from Google Maps! (5)
if the images aren't clear enough, feel free to click through them on flickr.

this is exactly where web2.0 or web3.x needs to go. i don't know how long has been available, but it's one of my favorite features of searching Google on my phone. other sites like Yelp mobile have also jumped on the bandwagon. i love being able to get an address, see a map, read a few reviews, and then hit "call" to get a reservation. or, in this case, to find out how late my local tully's is open. the answer is: 30 more minutes! so, i'm off to get a decaf latte to fuel my full night of work.

May 3, 2007

google finally getting serious about a redesign?

i haven't searched around the blogosphere yet, but there have been a number of blogs reporting a google search results page redesign over the last year. screenshots show up here and there, but nothing comes of it.

well, two times in as many days i've been served up a fresh, clean, redesigned results page:

google redesign - 2 May 2007
click through to flickr for a larger version.

web designers borrow, not steal

old news, first discovered via TechCrunch, but it's stuck in my craw. anyone see the recent AOL redesign?

AOL's recent redesign

looks shockingly similar to another high-profile redesign that was launched a few months ago...

Yahoo's recent redesign

decided to post these at a relatively high resolution, so that even at a glance you can see how strikingly similar the designs are (almost pixel for pixel).

some web designers borrow. hell, i've probably never had an original thought. but for a company like AOL to not only approve this design, but launch it, is shameful.