May 15, 2007

30boxes Buddy Card web badges

30boxes has made a major upgrade to their sharing badges. i'm not sure how i'll use it, but it's nice to know the functionality exists.

for now, i'm including it on my tumblr. we'll see how things progress.

i wish... it was resizeable; the creation of customized views (sharing by tag) was easier; it was a bit more customizable (font folors, faces, etc.). they are really pushing integration with myspace, embedding in blogs, etc. but the dissemination of this info remains a bit ad hoc. people who are very familiar with the app probably have no problems, and know that most settings can (and really should) be set via the "Settings" pages. the options presented in the popups that are linked within the main calendar screen are really only the basics. they are trying to push the functionality out to the most people, but really they should reorganize the Settings -> Sharing page and drive all traffic there.

here's hoping they keep improving! i have yet to be disappointed.


Narendra said...

we haven't announced it yet but the badges can also be completely skinned and all font colors changed...