November 1, 2005

Dreamweaver Easter Egg

first of all, kudos to the dreamweaver team over at macromedia. DW8 pretty much rocks. i've always been a hand-coder, using HomeSite for those easy Word-like shortcuts (CTRL-B for bold, etc.), but DW is my new prototyping god-send. i skipped several generations of DW after being pretty put off by the general suckiness of late-nineties WYSIWYG. but it's not just the WYSIWYG that makes DW8 great, the product team has really listened to users and thought of just about everything that could make a coder's life easier.

yeah yeah yeah, blah blah blah... what about this easter egg?? well, if you have DW and are feeling like a little procrastination is in order, try the following (for best results you should un-maximize the app and make it rather small):

1. open any HTML page
2. click anywhere inside the BODY
3. go to the "Properties" panel and find the colors entry box
4. enter "dreamweaver" and hit Enter
5. play DW Pong!

as a side note, it seems to only work in PC versions. also, Flash MX supposedly has several retro games built in!

Via SitePoint