November 2, 2005

Links to procrastinate by...

'NBC Nightly News' to Be Shown on Internet: starting next week (Monday, Nov 7) broadcasts will be archived at

Web Two Point Oh!: ahhh, geek humor. use this web site to create your very own Web 2.0 company. the latest refresh gave me: Meebeetix -- cellphone-based blogs via email invite *only*.

Remember the Milk: the latest addition to web-based GTD apps... though this one might be the current front-runner (sorry 37signals), at least for simple to-do listing. Basecamp still wins out on the full-on project management front. Remember the Milk's feature list is impressive and it's easy to use. on your TiVo (using Galleon, an open-source media browser): if you're not using, you should be... unless you're a hermit... or live in Baxter Springs, KS. Galleon is a free, opensource media server for TiVo -- play mp3s, view photos, listen to online radio, view webcams, read email and RSS feeds and a lot more.

Rollyo -- Roll your own search engine. Create your own personal search engine using any web site you want.

jack-o-lanterns! great flickr pool. some of my favorites are the Griffin family. check out the link under the photo for more Family Guy Halloween.

Family Guy Halloween 2005
Originally uploaded by Irea.