November 7, 2005

Links with your coffee...

Microsoft Live is still in the news. I'm inclined to agree with Fred Wilson and John Batelle: "Big whoop." "Windows Live is lame." And it doesn't work in Firefox.

M$ launches SQL Server 2005 to compete with Oracle.

Taking a hint from Google, M$ plans to digitize 100,00 books from the British Library.

Why even Wal-Mart is afraid of Google. And why they should be.

Google Local for mobile launched today. The downloadable cellphone application brings all the google map technology to your phone. If nothing else, check out the song that some guy on the Mobile Team wrote. Priceless.

Yahoo teams up with TiVo! Schedule recordings on your TiVo from Yahoo! TV. Maybe this will force Yahoo to actually put some thought into the UI for this portal. They could learn a lesson or two from the TiVo folks.