January 20, 2007


anyone who has ever attempted the basal body temperature method for fertility monitoring knows it's a pain in the ass. not only do you have to wake up at the same time every day, checking certain fluids and what-not; you're also supposed to keep track of all the minutiae on an 8x11 piece of paper. kind of fun... at first. being a geek, i thought that perhaps a spreadsheet was the way to go; but again, no fun.

i was initially very excited that the fertility bible comes with software to help with the charting process. however, it is like working with lotus notes. dark ages.

screenshot of iKonceivefortunately, wherever bad design is lurking APPLE is there to fix it! enter... wait for it... iKonceive. come on. they used the cheesy i-prefix AND spelled it with a K??? anyhoo, i obviously haven't tried it (no macs in this house... unless you count the one permanently on loan from an unnamed friend who works for an unnamed SF web company that got bought by a much larger unnamed software company in san jose), but i'm sure that the UI is beautiful and would cure my charting woes.

lucky for me, said woes have been cured by a little white stick. it's the lazy woman's fertility monitor, and we'll see how well it works...

strangely enough, as noted by Chris Messina, two iFertility programs were released in the same week. only one of them is actually from apple, so no guarantees on the UI of iOvulate. at least it's a slightly better funnier name; but i wonder if they'll get sued.


Chris Messina said...

What's so ironic about that is that the launch dates kind of make them fraternal twins, doesn't it? I mean, were the developers practicing some kind of coding rhythm to produce these apps at the same time?

Oh, and I don't think either is an Apple product -- one just happens to be listed on an Apple download page.

brenda said...

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