January 23, 2007


Perfume: movie posterAB just read Patrick Süskind's Perfume: The Story of a Murderer and upon finishing it said, "Someone should make this a movie." Well, someone did.

From the director of Lola Rennt (Run Lola Run) and Dreamworks studios comes a movie that will hopefully be as gripping as the book (as reported by AB...haven't yet had time to read it). Great poster, and the web site is pretty -- typical movie fare... flash, hi-res imagery, music, etc. The best part is the soundtrack playing in the background.

From the web site:

Director Tom Tykwer, along with long-time colleagues Reinhold Heil (ex founding member of Nina Hagen's band) and Johnny Klimek (The Other Ones), also composed the score and based the entire pace of the film on the music. As there is no way to convey smell in the medium of film, Tykwer replaced this sense with music, evoking the moods and sensations that are created by the smells, making the music the key element of the movie.

Intent on providing the best musical support, Tykwer turned to Simon Rattle and the Berlin Philharmonic to record the soundtrack. It is highly unusual that the Berlin Philharmonic, one of the world’s most acclaimed orchestras, to record an original film score. Simon Rattle conducted Patrick Doyle’s rousing score for Henry V with the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra in 1989.

Evidently the film has been in limited release since December 27, 2006, opening first in theatres like NYC's Angelika. It's now playing at the Metreon in SF. Will have to go, but must read the book first. Evidently the ending is...interesting -- AB wasn't sure how they'd deal with it in a film.

A story about the genesis of the film appeared in the Sunday, November 26 edition of the New York Times: “Capturing a Whiff of a Repellant Hero”. The reviews are all over the place, as evidenced by Rotten Tomatoes. If nothing else, it looks like it will be beautiful. Check out the image gallery at the web site...gorgeous locations.

Perhaps I'll be inclined to write a review if I ever get around to actually reading the book and seeing the movie. Or perhaps I'll invite a guest blogger for that task. :)


anderson said...

it DOES look beautiful. pretentious, decadent, beauty. except for this.

sooner or later, if you're English and you turn 60, they put you in a powdered wig. sad.

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hlh said...

what the hell kind of comment spam is that?? :)