February 1, 2007

Late night in the Castro

Went for a little photowalk in the Castro last night. It was fun shooting the neon at night. I'll post the hightlights at flickr and zooomr once I've had a chance to process them.

I was walking along fairly late at night, and even though SF is decidedly not the city that never sleeps, I was amazed at all the people out and about. Of course, Wednesday is the new Thursday... and the queens were getting ready for the weekend.

I also went down to the Embarcadero for the last 20-30 snaps on my SD card. Much less busy, but still a lot of people walking around, waiting for the bus, etc. I discovered that One Market's kitchen is right on the street and it was very well lit. Next time I'm down there at night I hope to take a few more pix. Got a couple, but am excited to revisit it.