March 8, 2007

[twitter] where have all the @ messages gone?

i just sent this to the twitter help email. i wonder if anyone else has noticed... damn you, scoble!

i like the new functionality of including the "in reply to" links. however, i use an @-prefix for info directed at a specific person but that i want to share with *all* my friends, not just that one user.

i realize that with users like scoble who have almost a thousand contacts that this gets out of hand. but what about those of us with less than 50??

i liked that there was a difference between using "D" for direct message and simply calling attention to someone with "@".

please bring @ posts back to the main stream, or make it an option we can choose per user. i will gladly skip the endless stream of scoble's @messages, but i want to be able to follow the conversations between my closer friends on twitter.

hillary / quepol