April 18, 2007

eminem is funny

working at the office... listening to the 'pod... and just laughed out loud at this:

Daddy's gonna buy you a mocking bird
I'ma give you the world,
I'ma buy a diamond ring for you, I'ma sing for you,
I'll do anything for you to see you smile
And if that mockingbird don't sing and that ring don't shine
I'ma break that birdies neck **
I'll go back to the jeweler who sold it to ya
And make him eat every karat, don't fuck with dad
** = when i giggled

not sure why i never heard that before. probably skip through the song before getting to the end. gotta love you some marshall mathers.


Anonymous said...

Wow last time I heard that joke was Howie Mandel in 1980-something. And he didn't write it either. Thats so old its practically vaudeville. It's so cute how these lil' hoppers go after the classics. I'm still waiting for R-Kelly to do a "Who's On First" trilogy that will go on to be hailed as "highly original brilliance".