July 23, 2007

it's a good thing she's cute...

first time in the boat!
first time in the boat!, originally uploaded by hillary h.

it all started with me losing my bday ski goggles. then i left my northface liner gloves on the top of the wood burning stove. oops.

last month, i left my favorite, amazing, wonderful, blue cloudveil windbreaker in seattle. no idea where, and the hotels have never gotten back to me. then my oakley sunglasses fell out of my shirt pocket and into the grass at the park. i found them... but they are mangled up something awful. i'm hoping a skilled glasses guru might be able to fix them.

and now, with the help of my hyper dog who's been cooped up all day missing her moms, i drop my new nikon digital slr. the dog jumps up, it starts to fall from my hand, i watch it in slow motion, and yell her name much louder than anticipated.

i think it's just the autofocus... "just." no idea how much it will cost to fix it. what the hell?? it sounds weird to namedrop all those brands, but i feel the need to commemorate what a craptastic few months it's been for me and gear.


Anonymous said...

man oh man oh man... i don't consider myself materialistic but certain pieces of gear i get so attached to.

Last year i left my favorite pair of Rudy Project sunglasses inside my Marmot fleece which wanted to stay at the Dulles airport longer than i did. I pictured home land security laughing as they tossed it into an incinerator.... :(

is it the SLR that won't focus or just the one lens it had on?


hillary said...

i think it's just the lens. put an old nikon lens on the body and it seemed to work fine -- though i did get weird error from time to time. so i took the whole thing to the shop. we'll see...

re. feeling attached -- that's the thing... i just can't believe that all these things happened in succession! all my favorite things -- only the windbreaker and camera are new -- must now be slowly replaced. ugh...