August 15, 2007

getting closer to breaking down

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So, last night (or was it the night before...?) I dreamed that my mom bought my brother an iPhone. Initially, I was pissed (read, jealous) and then I found three more iPhone cases hidden in her secret present spot. I was sure that I was getting one, too. Can't remember if I woke up before I actually had an iPhone in my hot little hands, but I remember the feeling. And it was good.

I think I may be getting closer and closer to breaking down. Main factors still standing in my way:
1) price
2) it's a Mac -- I know, I know...blasphemous!
3) since I'm on a PC I'll have to use iTunes as my contact manager
4) haven't liked the keyboard
5) AT&T sucks in San Francisco and I've been on Sprint for nearly 10 years

Main factors for (possibly) succumbing:
1) it's beautiful, small, shiny, etc.
2) it takes decent photos
3) web browsing is very slick
4) think I could get used to the keyboard
5) iPhone Web Apps!!!!

Number 5 is THE main reason I'm even considering it. Steve Jobs has once again revolutionized an industry and is making people finally take the idea of mobile content seriously. Consider the following sites:

All the iPhone-only web development is driving me batty (again, read, jealous). I knew I was in trouble after iPhoneDevCamp was so well attended and received. It's really exciting to see people pushing the envelope of mobile development.

However, there is a bone to pick here... What about the rest of us? Mobile content development is awesome, but it would be great if these sites worked on "normal" smart phones -- Pocket PCs, other phones with a browser, etc. The blue flavor crew was adamant that Leaflets works on other mobile platforms. They're not really lying, but it's not exactly a true statement. I can sort of surf through the apps, but it involves a lot of guesswork.

Anyhoo... all that to say, if I can get the expense approved for the corporate card it will probably happen sooner than later. If not, well... we'll see how long I can hold out!


Anonymous said...

ha.. i touched (fondled) one for the first time last week.. wow, it really is that slick.. only downside i can see is my phones take quite the abuse from me. My treo put up with a LOT and kept on ticking.. The Q seems flimsy enough, but the iphone looks like it would be send back to Cali the first time i look at it sideways... Give me an iphone in a macbook metal skin anyday! -josh

Ken said...

the web browsing is slick.. The fact that so many sites have built an iphone specific version is just plain cool.. The web apps are interesting, and a great idea.. However, some of the more complex apps leave alot to be desired.. Especially when on ATT's EDGE network. With that said I sure would love to see some native iPhone apps sans jailbreak. At any rate, the iphone is indeed a dream to use. I expect unboxing pics ;)

hillary said...

@josh - i hear you, but had a friend who dropped it, dented it, but it it working fine.

@ken - agreed, and agreed re. EDGE. we shall see how long i can hold off on the unboxing pix. ;)

Colin Devroe said...

Oh just by one and quit your belly aching.... ;)

Keith said...

Well, to be honest, we designed Leaflets to showcase what a really great mobile experience would be like - unfortunately, at this time anyway, iPhone is seemingly the only device that supports what we designed. However, we did build them with standards and as other devices get better browsers they should get the same experience. It's just a matter of time...

hillary said...

hey keith, thanks for commenting!

"we designed Leaflets to showcase what a really great mobile experience would be like"

and you did a great job! i just wish it worked on my ppc... like i said, i know it was built with standards in mind. it seemed to run fairly well in firefox. i just wanted a bit of an easier time on my phone.

i saw jeff croft's flickr pic of leaflets on his phone and can see how that would be fairly easy to use. unfortunately IE on the ppc has it's own set of foibles, i'm sure.

keep up the great work. i inevitably love everything your team touches!