June 8, 2008

eGov status updates via Twitter

I am immensely proud of the NIC portals taking the leap and adopting Twitter. We'll continue to think outside the box and figure out the best way to use this emerging technology, but for now we're off to a great start.

If you're on Twitter and interested in how governments are beginning to use this hybrid communication tool, get ready to hit the "Follow" button.

colorado.gov Colorado.gov - twitter - Web site
IDAHOgov Idaho.gov - twitter - Web site
Kentucky.gov Kentucky.gov - twitter - Web site
www.maine.gov Maine.gov - twitter - Web site
Nebraska.gov Nebraska.gov - twitter - Web site
RI.gov RI.gov - twitter - Web site
SCGOV SC.gov - twitter - Web site
Utah.gov Utah.gov - twitter - Web site
Vermont.gov Vermont.gov - twitter - Web site

If there are other NIC portals using Twitter, please ping me. And also feel free to leave links to any egov- or government-related Twitter accounts in the comments. I'll update this post as they are received.

Some other notable states, agencies, officials, etc. using Twitter:

californiagov CA.gov - twitter - Web site (update: account has been deleted)
CA_DMV CA DMV - twitter - Web site
Gov Schwarzenegger CA Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger - twitter - Web site
CalPERS CA Public Employees' Retirement System - twitter - Web site
Idaho DOF ID Department of Finance - twitter - Web site
ID Dept. of Commerce ID Department of Commerce - twitter - Web site
IdahoLabor ID Department of Labor - twitter - Web site
mymanmitch IN Gov. Mitch Daniels - twitter - Web site
Bobby Jindal LA Gov. Bobby Jindal - twitter - Web site
Jennifer Granholm MI Gov. Jennifer Granholm - twitter - Web site
johncherry MI Lieutenant Gov. John Cherry - twitter - Web site
louisvillekygov Louisville, KY - twitter - Web site
loukyevent Louisville, KY Events Calendar - twitter - Web site
risca1967 RI State Council on the Arts - twitter - Web site

Quick list of federal government accounts (I'll flush this section out eventually):
USAgov, GovGab, and lots of NASA projects

Congress, etc.:
Roy Blunt (R-MO-7th)
John Boehner (R-OH-8th)
Dan Burton (R-IN-5th)
John Culberson (R-TX-7th)
Bob Latta (R-OH-5th)
Tim Ryan (D-OH-17th)
Jeanne Shaheen - Former Governor of NH and now U.S. Senator
Mark Ward -
Former Governor of VA and now U.S. Senator

Sidenote: there are a lot of people using Twitter to campaign - this is only a list of people who are actually using it to communicate with constituents.

Last updated: November 18, 2008


Colette said...

Hey Hillary, very cool that you're putting this list together. I follow USA.gov on Twitter:


hillary said...

hey colette.

i'll try to add in some fed stuff this evening. off the top of my head there is USAgov, GovGab, and lots of NASA stuff.

looking forward to seeing WVgov on twitter. ;)

Ken Seals said...

Awesome stuff. Our (sc.gov) twitter page is having some changes made to it right now.. it needs links in the updates!

Nisha Thompson said...

John Boehner: http://twitter.com/johnboehner