December 14, 2006

ego surfing & 30 boxes

i was just lurking around, looking through the "30boxes" tag, when lo and behold i find a couple of my URLs in the list. it's fun to see 3 to 5 (my professional alter ego) listed, along with static{fade}.

a friend recently sent an email with a subject line along the lines of, "fame!" she included a link to the wikipedia entry on 30 Boxes, where i'm mentioned by name. hat tip to the folks at 30b for including me. (update: seems that page has been changed. ahhh, my fleeting 15 minutes!)

30 Boxes is the first web 2.0 software that i still use daily, many months after activating my account. i tried mypimp (hipcal), kiko, and oh-so-many others. sure, i still log into remember the milk, backpack and basecamp, but not nearly as frequently as i open my 30b calendar. and with the addition of the webtop (their take on a web-based home page or virtual desktop), i can task manage at remember the milk and backpack without ever having to leave.

the 30b team (which is only three people!!) is very active in the forums and is very interested in and responsive to suggestions from their users. it has been fun to be an active participant in helping this snappy little web app mature throughout the year. the payoff has been some recognition by the 30b team (they've recently included two of my custom themes in their main menu), and i'm grateful and honored.

go try it! if you keep a calendar or a todo list, you'll be instantly hooked. be sure to check out the RSS and iCal integration -- if you use any other social networking-type sites (flickr,, myspace, etc.), or if you keep a blog, you can have all your entries instantly viewable on your calendar. once you've got some info in there, check out 30b on your phone!