December 16, 2006

web nerd, meet sports fan

Kansas Jayhawki really only visit yahoo! sports pages during one season of the year -- ncaa hoops season. those of you who know me as more than just a nerdy web gal probably know that my family members are rabid kansas jayhawk fans. ROCK CHALK!

today, thanks to a buddy's 30 boxes calendar, i discovered that yahoo has every ncaa team's schedule in iCal format! find your favorite team's home page (here's mine) and then click the "Scores & Schedules" menu link. that page has several links to "Add Schedule" -- you can add it to your yahoo calendar, get mobile SMS alerts, add the iCal file to online calendars like 30 Boxes or Google Calendar, or import the ICS file into Outlook or your favorite scheduling software. whew!

i love it when i get to be nerdy about not-so-nerdy things.

update: yahoo updates the iCal feed after the game is over by putting the score in the "notes" section. very cool, but so sad to revisit the oral roberts and depaul disasters. what's up with the 7-point losing margins??