January 3, 2007

Happy New Year

Just found this photo from Amit Gupta on Flickr by way of HorsePigCow (a great addition to anyone's blogroll, by the way). Despite living in NYC (or probably because I lived there) for several years, I never went anywhere near Times Square on New Year's Eve. However, this photo captures the essence of what I hope it would feel like.

Some resolutions/goals for 2OO7:
  1. do something community-based -- a class, ballroom dancing, etc.
  2. get preggers
  3. finally go on a "real" honeymoon -- i.e. a 2-week vacation where i don't check email or do any work
  4. take more photos -- one a day is too ambitious, but one nice long session a week sounds good
  5. eradicate "like" and "awesome" from my vocabulary
  6. exercise regularly; lose 10-15 pounds (may not be compatible w/ #2)
  7. ski 15-20 days this winter
  8. ski utah this winter
  9. get my hair cut every 6-8 weeks
  10. keep in touch with friends -- something that i'm not good at, despite being online 8-12 hours a day. however, twitter is already helping with this one. those of you who have ignored my invitations, be damned! ;)

Coming soon...the requisite "best of 2006" list.