February 21, 2007

dirty monkeys and lying archaeologists

a bit of redemption for my home state (and hometown).

The Kansas Board of Education just this week adopted the fifth change in state science standards related to evolution in eight years, restoring mainstream scientific views and removing criticism of it that the previous board added.
it's just too bad that article isn't as funny as this li'l satirical gem.
Reacting furiously to the vote, Rev. Kyle Hingerman, pastor of The Fire and Sword Church of Jesus, in Topeka, lashed out at the State School Board.

"They say we're descended from a bunch of dirty monkeys!" he fumed. "How can they deny the unerring, factual, word of God? Don't they read the bible? Everyone knows that God made a beautiful Caucasian Eve and a handsome Adam, with convenient leaves hiding...er, things!"

"Those lying archeologists," he roared, "...making and hiding fossils to prove their fake case!"
shout out to mum for the links.