October 7, 2008

Ads Off @ Ma.gnolia

With their new Ads Off subscriptions, the gang at Ma.gnolia continue to "pay it forward" and talk the talk when it comes to community and a social experience.

No matter which subscription you choose (there are two plans) you extend the ad-free experience to others interested in what you're doing on Ma.gnolia. So you can feel free to share your profile and your bookmarks with others and they, too, will have an ad-free experience.

We think this offering is a 3-way win

A win for Ma.gnolia, with affordable support that goes right back into R&D. We’re not buying jets or writing our own browser here.

A win for people interested in your links, and your group members win with a more focussed Ma.gnolia experience.

A win for you, with a benefit that works for you on every Ma.gnolia page, for a full year, costing at most about a week’s worth of lattes. And unlike a week’s worth of lattes, Ads Off has no calories.


Our government partners are often hesitant to use ad-based services since they don't want constituents to think they are endorsing any particular products or services. If YouTube offered a subscription service that would essentially remove all the chaff from your profile and video pages, I'm confident it would be a major success.

Kudos to Ma.gnolia for once again thinking outside of the box. Here's hoping more services start thinking this way.

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